The event for the Platform of “Daily Publication of the Prices of Investment and Pension Fund” is organized in the Palace of Congress

Today, on 20th of July 2020, Albanian Securities Exchange in collaboration with Association of Life Insurance Pension and Investment Funds (ALIPIF) presented the Platform of “Voluntary Daily Publication of the Prices of Investment and Pension Fund”. The project consists in the creation of an electronic platform (called INTRANET), by ALSE and aims the vulnetary data regarding the daily quotations of investment and pension funds. Data will be published in the official page of Albanian Securities Exchange.

This platform aims:

  • A higher of financial transparency regarding the market operators;
  • A higher financial education level for the public;
  • A higher Institutional Cooperation on the capital markets;
  • Supporting the pro-digitalization of financial services initiative of AFSA;

In this event participated the Executive Directors of Albanian Financial Supervisory Authority, Mr. Ervin Mete, The Chairman of ALIPIF Mr. Naim Hasa, Executive Directors of ALSE, Mr. Artan Gjergji, and top level directors of Asset Management companies.

In the end of the event, market operators signed a collaboration agreement with the purpose of publishing daily data. The public and media can easily access the data in real time compiled in the official page of ALSE, in link here