ALSE shareholders are:

Banka Credins s.a

ABI Bank s.a.

AK – INVEST s.a.

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    Banka Credins s.a. – 45.59% of shares (legal entity)

    It is the third bank in the Albanian financial system based on the size of loan portfolio. Even though it is a relatively new bank in the Albanian banking system, Credins has become one of the largest banks in the country mainly due to the flexibility in business lending and embracing innovative ideas that go beyond conventional banking, including universal and investment banking.

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    American Bank of Investments s.a. — 45.59% of shares (legal entity)

    The American Bank of Investments (ABI Bank) was licensed by Bank of Albania in October 2015 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tranzit Ltd, an Albanian non-banking financial institution. Originally founded in 1998 initially as a branch of Greece’s Commercial Bank (later called Greece’s Emporiki Bank s.a.), in 2012, was sold to IUB Holding 100% a French joint stock company 100% direct subsidiary of Credit Agricole s.a. In October 2015, IUB Holding sold 100% of the share capital of Credit Agricole Albania sh.a Bank, to Transit The Bank is licensed to carry out lending and deposit activities, payment services in Albania and abroad, and other banking activities in accordance with applicable Albanian legislation.

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    AK – INVEST s.a. — 8.82% of the shares (legal entity)

    AK-Invest s.a is a “Non-Banking Financial Institution” licensed by the Bank of Albania, founded in 2006 to provide payment and collection services, monetary transfer services (MoneyGram representative in Albania), the mediation service for monetary transactions, services as an agent or financial advisor, or lending services to Albanian entrepreneurs.