What does ALSE offer to investors?

People and businesses also try to increase the money supply they have at certain times. For this reason, they try to make different investments which can be either:

  • Direct investments – where they start a business, buy property, deposits money in the bank etc., or
  • Portfolio investments – where they buy securities issued by businesses or entities that need funds, in the hope that they will earn a good return from the money invested initially.

Given the fact that the securities market is the place where the supply and demand for securities are matched, investors are those market agents that make up the demand to buy securities in the market, as they think investing in these financial instruments is a good way to get a good rate of return on their savings.

ALSE is a securities exchange licensed by the Financial Supervisory Authority in Albania, which offers the opportunity to both domestic and foreign investors to invest in securities as a way of making use of their savings.