The Executive Board of the Albanian Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) approved in its meeting of March 30th, 2021 the request of the Albanian Securities Exchange (ALSE) to become an Associated Member to this important organism in the field of lobbing and business interest protection in Albania.

Albanian Securities Exchange is the only domestic regulated market, licensed since 2017 by the Albanian Financial Supervisory Authority, the main activity of which is to match the supply and demand for long term capital in Albania. It will in provide business in general as well as large corporates in particular, with a serious and cheap way of rising capital and financing their activity through the stock exchange listing.

Albanian Chamber of Commerce is a business organization which operates for 20 years and has a good reputation among business community, due to the work and collaboration with its members. AmCham is in a continuous contact with its members and works hard to identify and address their problems as well as to make the necessary recommendation to the public institutions and the Albanian Government. Likewise, AmCham is very active in the lobbing process related to fiscal issues and new legislation regulating the business activity. In this way, AmCham is not only a strong advocate for its business members, but also a factor in the regulative process of the market economy as well as improving business environment in Albania.

Through its membership to AmCham, the Albanian Securities Exchange aims to come closer to the corporates which fulfill the criteria for listing on the stock exchange. As part of AmCham’s yearly activity to provide professional trainings for its members, ALSE shall organize business meetings to inform corporates on the chances offered by capital market to finance their business in long term basis, as well as shall provide technical assistance to make this process easier for domestic large corporates.

Albanian Securities Exchange (ALSE) has the pleasure to inform you on the publication of the quarterly Statistical Report for the period January – March 2021 (Q1-2021).

For detailed information on the report, please click here

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