ALREG starts operating in the AIPS system. Corporate Securities Trading is now available at Albanian Securities Exchange

Starting from 1st of March 2021, the Albanian Registry of Securities ALREG, a new financial institution, which is expected to be operating as a registry and as central depository for corporate securities, is accepted as member in the Albanian Interbank Payment System (AIPS) operated by Bank of Albania.

The interface between central securities depository system of ALREG with the Albanian Securities Exchange system and also with the AIPS system, completes all the architecture necessary for the “trading – clearing- settling” process. This is a revolutionary step towards the development of domestic market, given the fact it opens the way without limitations to the process of listing domestic business at Albanian Securities Exchange.

Because of the negative effects imposed by COVID-19, as well as the prudential behavior of the banks regarding new loans, the stock exchange is seen as a necessary long-term financing alternative for businesses in Albania.

For more information, follow the special news prepared by SCAN TV here.