International Economic Forum “Future Balkans”


ALSE in collaboration with SCAN TV organized the International Economic Forum “Future Balkans”. This important annual forum was held in Tirana January 24th, 2018. The forum was organized in 3 main panels including policy-makers, capital markets and business community.

In the first panel were invited personalities from politics and economy. There were present the President of the Republic and the Governor of the Bank of Albania, who talked about leadership, institutions and the convergence of the politics during the years 2017-2020.

H.E Ilir Meta – President of the Republic of Albania
Following his word, the President appreciated the creation of the first private Albanian Securities Exchange (ALSE), which according to him, is a necessity for a new economic standard and a great investment opportunity for individuals and businesses.

Mr. Gent Sejko – Governor of the Bank of Albania
Expresses that is becoming more clear that our financial systems rely deeply on the banks. Looking toward the future, we should rely more on the capital markets to finance economic growth.

ALSE was co-presenter in the second panel entitled “Investment, Financial Expansion and Inclusion: Capital Markets Development in Western Balkans”. In this event were invited and held the speech: Major of Tirana, the Albanian Financial Supervisory Authority, Executive Director of ALSE and 6 CEO from the regional stock markets such as Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Montenegro and regional stock exchange SEE Link. It was discussed about the problems regarding the progress of the capital markets in the Western Balkans and more and the challenges of development of a regional market in the future.

Mr. ErionVeliaj – Major of Tirana
According to the Major, this securities exchange needs trust in order to result a success story, while he expressed that an excellent performance makes public companies such as UKT and Tirana Parking Lot to be ideal companies for listing in the stock market. According to Mr. Veliaj, securities markets such as “Albanian Securities Exchange” have the potential to offer instruments which are needed by the municipality and public companies to raise their capital and to provide investments which would otherwise require many years. It means that we have enough instruments, where we need to be more efficient and a little more careful, so can create not only more healthy companies, but also today could be ready to apply at ALSE to raise a capital.

In the third panel were invited the business community, where the main guests were Chambers of Commerce, Albanian and regional ones, where it was discussed for regional economic zone and cross-border cooperation.

Mr. Mark Crawford – President of American Chamber of Commerce
Securities Exchange is necessary for capital markets as well as to attract investments. It is very important the opening of Exchange, not only for people in Albania but also for Albanians in the region and America as well, because it makes more easy to invest in Albania. I am very grateful for those who took the courage to open e private securities Exchange. I believe that will start treasury bills, treasury bonds and later with corporate stocks. If we see, banking sector has a lot of liquidity, a lot of long term deposits, meaning that Albanians have money but don’t know where to invest. So we have to create tools to enable Albanians and companies to match the money saved with investment opportunities. And to reach this goal, securities Exchange is a necessary instrument.

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All discussions presented from Financial Supervisory Authority, Executive Director of ALSE and Regional CEO-s in the panel Development of Capital Markets on the Western Balkan are summarized below:

SLOVENIAN CAPITAL MARKET Tirana 24.1.18 ( Mr. Ale_ Ipavec)

SEELINK_Tirana_ 2018 (Mr. Darko Sima)

MSE- Capital Market Development in the Republic of Macedonia and SEE Region (Mr. Ivan Shteriev)

MNSE Tirana 2018 (Mr. Gojko Maksimovic)

Capital Market in Croatia and the prospective of Capital Market Development in SEE and Balkan Region (Mrs.Ivana Gazic)

Bulgarian Capital Markets at a Glance (Mr. Ivan Takev)

BELEX-January 2018 (Mr.Sinisa Krneta)

AMF – Future Balkans – Capital market in Albania from the perspective of regulatory body AFSA (Mr.Niko Kotonika)

ALSE – Albania – A new developing Capital Market (Mr. Artan Gjergji)

International Economic Forum “Future Balkans”