Work on drafting the “Strategy for the Development of Capital Markets” has started

According to the public release of the Albanian Supervisory Financial Authority on 14th of September 2020, a joint group has started the work for “drafting the strategy to development of capital market”, with the participation of Albanian Supervisory Financial Authority and Ministry of Finance and Economy.

The working group will analyze the current capital market situation and will draft a 5-year strategic document, attached with a concrete action plan, for the fulfillment of necessary steps to develop the capital markets.

As part of the preparation of the strategic document, the working group will also analyze the existing infrastructure of the capital markets and its capacities to handle the dynamics of the development of this market.

In the action plan the necessary steps for listing of state owned companies in the Stock Exchange will be defined. It is foreseen that this action plan will be drafted before 30th of November 2020.

Part of the discussions on drafting of the strategic document will be even representatives from capital markets institutions, and also institutions, organizations or other private entities, which can contribute to the development of this market.