Investment alternatives for Albanian Citizens

EuroNews Albania

In the interview held today (09.01.2020) for the EuroNews Albania media, the Chief Executive Officer of the Albanian Securities Exchange, Mr. Artan Gjergji, was focused into the immediate impact that had on international financial markets.

Financial markets, Mr. Gjergji said, are based on important factors such as trust and transparence. Both these factors create positive and negative expectations on investors therefore affecting their decision -making process in financial market transactions. For this reason, the investors are very sensitive in their decision – making process from the political volatilities. As far as the political actions between USA and Iran concerns, they had an immediate effect on the international stock exchanges (a drastic decrease of indexes and stock prices). However, after the international diplomacy brought down the tones of the political debate, it was immediately reflected by calming the volatility of the international stock markets.

While answering the question of the EuroNews Albania reporter regarding the possible investment alternatives that exist in the domestic market, Mr. Gjergji highlighted the government debt instruments (T-Bills and T-Bonds) as a potential investment alternative. These financial instruments offer a more adequate rate of return (interest) than the bank deposit, but they should be in accordance with the investor’s risk appetite and their investment maturity. Mr. Gjergji also highlighted once more the fact that, except the classical instruments such as deposits and government debt securities, currently in the Albanian financial market there are present other favorable investment alternatives for citizens such as investment funds and pension funds. During the year 2019, these alternatives yielded for investor’s returns at the level of 5%-7%. This implies that the interest of citizens toward these funds is increasing.

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